International students : How to obtain accommodation in a university residence?

To request accommodation in university residences, you must make an application between 15th January and 31th May of each year, an application that is called Dossier Social Etudiant (DSE). The request for accommodation in a university residence is the second section of the Dossier Social Etudiant, of which the first is the request for a grant.

The application should be made on the Crous internet site, to which you are presently connected or directly on the serveur de dépôt of the DSE.
In the two weeks following your application by internet, the Crous will send you by post a paper document which summarizes all the information you have sent on line. This paper application form has to be sent back to the Crous with your signature together with all the accompanying documentary evidence requested. Following this, the Crous will send you by post a reply concerning the follow-up to your request. This could be a renewal (of an existing contract), a rejection or ‘awaiting decision’. In this latter case, the decision will be communicated in the month of June.
Foreign students coming to France to study and desiring accommodation in a university resident must consult the Crous internet site in the academy where they intend to carry out their studies, before actually carrying out the application procedures.

International students wishing to come to study as individuals (‘free-moving’ students)

Make your application for International Student Accommodation following the DSE procedure on-line on the Crous internet website.

Subject to availability, priority will be accorded to students enrolled at the master’s level in higher education institutions in the Lyon academy.

International students on exchange programmes such as Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, etc.

You will be informed by the International Relations service of the university to be visited (i.e. not your home university) of the procedures to follow (online registration, how to apply for accommodation, deadlines for registration, etc.).

CAMPUS France student grant-holders

Crous accommodation is reserved for CAMPUS FRANCE student grant-holders.

You should contact CAMPUS FRANCE as soon as possible to find out about application procedures and the possibilities concerning accommodation.

Students intending to make only a short stay in accommodation For 3 nights, one week, one month ?

Throughout the year, you can be given temporary accommodation in a university residence.

A special accommodation service exists for short-term student visits – subject to availability and rooms not filled by students from the academy who are housed on social criteria. This could be for students on special short-term courses, or placements, teachers, trainers, doctoral students or visiting speakers and guest lecturers, or for any other motive linked to university studies.

To make your request:

Download the form below :


How to send in your request :

e-mail :
+33 (0)4 72 80 17 70
Postal address
Crous de Lyon – Service Logement en ville
59 rue de la Madeleine
69365 Lyon Cedex 07

PLEASE NOTE : University accommodation is allocated subject to availability and the sending of a full application dossier does not guarantee the allocation of accommodation.



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