Student university accommodation has always been a central concern of our organization because its provision is linked to the principle of equality of opportunity : satisfactory housing is a prerequisite for concentration on studies. Accommodation in university residences is open to all grant-holding or non-grant-holding students, with priority nonetheless given to grant-holding students.

University residences are equipped for the comfort and facilities of modern life : wifi, laundry facilities, television room, bike sheds, reading room (with newspapers), computer room, all with access for the disabled. Many social and cultural events are organized throughout the year for students in residence, giving a full range of opportunities for sports and artistic expression.

Advantages :

Having access to accommodation at a competitive price.

  • Being close to places of study (most of the residences are on a university campus)
  • A student residence facilitates social life and contacts with others; it can be a way of avoiding loneliness. Special evenings are organized for residents.
  • The caretaker knows who are the resident students and there is a warden who lives on the premises.
  • Security is a major consideration, with restricted access through systems of inter-phones, digicodes, and electronic pass cards, etc.


The Crous Lyon is in charge of 36 university residences covering the whole of the ‘académie’ of Lyon (the Grenoble ‘academie’ is a large educational area covering three departments : Ain, Rhône, Loire)) with a total of 8.539 student beds.

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