How to put together your application dossier (dossier social étudiant)

The dossier social étudiant (DSE) is the only way to apply for a grant and/or for housing in a university residence. The DSE must be drawn up every year. The student, or future student, must make the application by internet between 15th January and 31th May for the following university year, even before knowing his or her examination results.

Please note! It is essential to make the DSE application during the stipulated period, even if the student is not in possession of all the necessary supporting elements. These can be added afterwards.

Making your application for a grant and/or student housing

The application for a grant and/or housing in a university residence must be made on the internet website of the Crous of the Academy in which you are enrolled/registered this year.

If you are a school pupil in your final year or a student in the Academy of Grenoble, you can make your application below:
Making my DSE application (the link is inactive outside the application period of 15/01 to 31/05)

The steps to follow

Step 1 – Carry out a simulation of the grant procedure

It is strongly recommended that you carry out a simulation to find out whether or not you qualify for a grant. All you need to do is indicate the resources of your family for the year 2014, the number of your brothers and sisters fiscally dependent on your parents, as well as the distance between your home address and the institution of higher education for your intended studies. By making this simulation, you will have an immediate indication of the possible amount of grant.

Please note : this calculation is made on the rates applicable at the time of your simulation, and could therefore by subject to some modification.

Step 2 – Submit you dossier by internet between 15th January and 31th May.

Before beginning the procedure of submitting your DSE dossier, have available the necessary administrative documents:

  • the 2015 tax notification based on the 2014 family income,
  • your student number (INE) figuring on the registration confirmation for the baccalauréat or on your student card.

Fill in your DSE application on internet, on the website of the Crous in the Academy in which you are presently studying. This Crous (called the « original » one) will be your only administrative reference point for the processing of your dossier, even if you wish to study in another Academy.

State your study preferences in the Academies of your choice. In total you can make four study choices in different Academies. When putting together your DSE, pay careful attention to the instructions given on screen on each successive page (grants requested, course choices, your personal details, etc.). For your housing request, you will have access to the list of all the university residences situated near your chosen place of study, with details of rent and charges for the current year and the specific amenities of the accommodation requested.

Please note! For your dossier to be fully captured and validated, it is important that you complete every on-screen page, right up to the last one. If you are disconnected before reaching the end, you will have to start the process all over again from the beginning.

When you have clicked on the final « send », you will be sent an e-mail confirming receipt of the dossier. You should then click on the link which is indicated on screen, and the dossier will be sent to you as an e-mail attachment.

Step 3 – The validation of the dossier and the sending of the requested documents within a week.

On receiving the dossier replicating the application you sent in, check all the information, completing it or modifying it if necessary, then, following the instructions given in the accompanying note, return the dossier signed, and adding the supporting documentary evidence requested.

Important !
You must send off your signed dossier with the accompanying supporting documents, by post, to the following address:

Centre de numérisation Crous de Lyon
TSA 74015
59901 LILLE Cedex 9

If your choices include places in other Academies, the ‘original’ Crous will transfer electronically your dossier to the Crous in the Academies concerned.

Step 4 – The processing by CROUS of your grant request

Once you have returned your completed dossier, the appropriate Crous services will process it, and give you a reply (in principle) sending you a (conditional) notification by an e-mail attachment, indicating the decision taken to award or reject your request for a grant and/or housing (award, waiting list, rejection).

This decision will reach you all the more quickly if you have sent your completed dossier to Crous within the dates specified. 

Step 5 – The confirmation of your enrollment (registration) in an institution of higher education. 

It is your definitive enrollment which will permit Crous to fix the definitive amount of your grant. In order the validate your dossier definitively and proceed to the payment of your grant it is essential that the Crous receives a proof of registration/enrollment in higher education. Depending on the academy, it is generally you who should provide the Crous with this proof of registration.The Crous will then send you a definitive notification of the grant awarded. If you change Academy, in that case the ‘original’ Crous will then send your dossier to the other Academy which will then become your unique point of reference.

Important : When you are drawing up your DSE, if you have not opted for one choice in the Academy that you have previously studied in at the beginning of the previous year, you should ask your ‘original’ Crous to transfer your dossier (and give proof of your new enrollment).

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