‘Culture actionS’ is a source of final support for student initatives.

It covers different types of projects to be implemented :

  • Cultural activities : the visual arts, cinema, dance, design, literature, writing, umltimedia, poetry, theatre, music ….
  • Social commitment and solidarity: citizenship, local solidarity, environment, sport, sustainable development. (For projects concerning international solidarity, financing only extends to projects which have a direct impact on the student community).
  • Young talent: to highlight emergence of artistic talen in all cultural domains.
  • Scientific and technical: aid for projects promoting research, the sciences, informatics and technology.

The cultural service is there to accompany, to advise, to orientate, students in drawing up their project which is then forwarded to a regional commission which determines the amount of the grant to be allocated. The maximum amount which can be awarded for a project is1000€.

There are three regional commissions per year, in November, March and June. The best applications are forwarded to a national commission and can thereby possibly receive a supplementary grant.


Conditions of eligibility:

  • The project must be a student initiative, that is to say that it must be presented by a single student or by a group of students or by a student association made up of more than 50% of students, including the association’s committee, and with a student president.
  • The project should not be an extension of a university course or course-program. Tutored projects, projects linked to a work-placement/internship, as well as any project which is linked to university evaluation, will not be examined.
  • The project should be presented to the commission before it is carried out (where this is possible) and should be carried out within the calendar year when submitted.
  • The projet must be co-financed by several partners. These co-financiers should be mentioned in the submission.
  • The grant that is being requested should not serve for the setting up or for the running of an association.
  • The budget for the project must be balanced.
  • The application dossier should be complete and submitted within the time stipulated.

Three very important notions :

  • The innovatory aspect of the project
  • The project must entail a certain student dynamic effect, with visible and significant spin-off potential for many students.
  • Any project which is not carried out must lead to the total reimbursement of the grant obtained.

How do you make an application?

All you need to do is fill in the application form entitled ‘culture-actions’ and send it to us in digital form to the following addresses :

Make sure you give full details of the project, its objectives, what has already been achieved and the the means utilized. The budget must be clear and precise.

Please note : sometimes the e-mail file size is too large and cannot be opened. In this case the application form should be submitted as a first priority. The rest of the supporting documents can be brought along on the day of the intervew.

So contact the cultural service by email in order to make an appointment to come and discuss your project at which time we can check that your dossier is complete.


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